How to use Microsoft Intune to deploy applications

  • On June 17, 2018


Microsoft Intune provides the ability to push applications to devices managed in an organisation whether these devices are domain joined or not.

Microsoft Intune supports various Operating systems platforms like Windows Phones, Windows 7,8 and iOS

It gives IT administrators power to selectively manage apps and any data stored on those devices when a device is lost, decommissioned or not compliant with organisational policies. In a case of the retired device, only applications and data related to the organisational is removed without affecting personal data in the device.

In this article, we shall cover step by step instructions on how to deploy an application using Intune.

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  • Microsoft Azure and Intune subscription –Sign up for on the site here
  • Distribution point –Ensure you get the iOs binary file, appropriate Windows file and .apk for Android and upload to Microsoft Intune.
  • Azure AD groups – Separate groups to be created to manage App assignment as per need.

How to use Microsoft Intune to deploy applications

Uploading the Apps to Windows Intune

Login to Office 365 and Navigate to Admin then Intune and click on the Intune blade. Sign up for an a.onmicrosoft domain in case you do not own any domain.

Navigate to Mobile Apps then go Apps and click Add App. Select Line-of-business App

Select the Application package app you want to deploy as shown below;

Give a relevant description of the application. Select the Application category.

Upload progress is displayed. Once completed the app is ready for deployment.

When the upload is complete, the app appears as not assigned.

Deploying Apps via Microsoft Intune

The uploaded app requires being assigned to the group of users that requires this app. To better manage the app deployment create groups in Azure AD. For this article, we shall use all users as this is a compliance tool.

Select assignment type as Required and Select Yes for “Make this app required for all users.” Click OK to assign the app.

Enrol a device in Microsoft Intune

To enrol a device to Microsoft Intune requires the device meets specific version and this informs the method of enrollment. Refer to the Intune KB here.

In this article, my Windows 10 PC version is higher than 1607, and we shall follow instructions as Enroll Device

Navigate to Run, search for accounts. On Work Access, click on + in Enroll into Device management

Type your work or school account. Click Continue.

School or work email address

Click Done. This has successfully enrolled the device for Device management.

Restart the computer.

Navigate to Run and search for Enroll in to Device Management. Double click on the account. Click Sync. Click on Info to see the details.

School or work email address

Login to Microsoft Intune and confirm device enrollment.

Device install status indicate installed as below;

The sync ensures that the policies and any application deployed are installed, and policies applied.


Using Microsoft Intune to deploy apps in your organisation simplifies device management and compliance requirements. Pushing application to both Windows, iOS and Mobile devices from one portal make Bring Your Own device menace manageable.