The new era of Digital Transformation – IoT, Cloud & AI

  • On March 20, 2019

The most commonly used word over the past couple of years in combination with the ones in the title has been competitiveness. Today it is survival. It is no longer a matter of competitive advantage but more a matter of sustaining your company’s place on the marketplace.

Connected devices, social media, and massive volumes of several forms of structured and unstructured data feeds are transforming businesses all over the world.

Digital transformation, which includes artificial intelligence, Big Data analytics, Internet of Things, and other emerging technologies, is fast becoming a key requirement for organizations that want to reinvent themselves and stay relevant. Digitalization comes with better decision making and new horizons for growth.

And this all needed a new platform containing new type and blend of services, tools and levels of security. The cloud is that ideal platform for any business building its digitalization strategy. The horizontal and vertical scaling of infrastructure facilitated by the cloud makes it perfect for the serious computing requirements that digital technologies require.

 Against that background, it was only natural that today all leading cloud providers address the most complex digitalization initiatives of their customers. Ask your cloud provider for solutions that are competitive, for tools and services that will enhance your digitalization and if they cannot advise you on that – change them.

  • Cloud providers offer APIs that application developers can utilize to build intelligent AI-enabled applications.
  • A cloud platform provides all the tools and the elastic computing power needed to help businesses focus on the benefits of analytics rather than worrying about implementation, maintenance, and support.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) connects devices to the internet and provides individuals and organizations greater control of their homes, lives, and businesses. Edge computing provides better processing ability to devices, eliminating the need to transfer large volumes of data to central servers for processing. In general, there are plenty of solutions and tools offered by leading cloud providers for edge computing and IoT.

Digital ignorance and failing to adapt will be lethal to companies.  People, companies and institutions generate trillions of zettabytes of data every day. Our lives are being transformed at a rapid pace and yet the paradox is – this transformation will never be this slow! The cloud will help companies integrate AI and IoT into the core of their businesses and stop what can be fairly called patchwork effort that is so common for organizations trying to put together small-disintegrated pieces of digitalization efforts.